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Many of us rely on our cup of Joe to jump-start our mornings, but did you ever stop to think about; what coffee does to our teeth?

Coffee lovers out there should take note because your morning routine might affect your dental health. Remember this rule of thumb; if it can stain your clothing it can stain your teeth…

Coffee contains this chemical compound called Tannins, tannins are naturally occurring organic substances known as polyphenols and are in other drinks like; wine, beer, fruit juices, berries, and etc. This substance causes the color compounds to more readily stick to your teeth, when the compounds stick they leave that unwanted yellowish tint to your teeth. Keep in mind it only takes one cup of day for this to happen, and for that compound to stain your teeth.

Ways to help avoid tooth discoloration:

  • Try to avoid the added sugar and creamers to your coffee, because the sugar and the creamer just speed up the growth of the discoloring bacteria in your mouth.
  • Drink your coffee with a straw.
  • Brush shortly after finishing your morning or afternoon coffee.
  • Drink water to help flush the coffee, sugars, and creamer off your teeth to help slow down the growth of the discoloring bacteria.
  • You can also eat plenty of raw fruits and vegetables like strawberries and lemons, because they contain natural fibers that can help clean your teeth by breaking down the bacteria in your mouth.
  • Another helpful tip would be to drink your coffee in a short time frame rather than sipping on your coffee for a prolonged period of time. When you sip your coffee throughout the day you’re constantly exposing your teeth the compounds that stain your teeth.

Thank you for reading my dental health blog stay tuned in for next week’s dental blog.

Image result for coffee and your teeth Image result for coffee and your teeth Image result for coffee and your teeth