Your dental provider has been right when telling you that if you want a fresher mouth then you should use a mouth rinse. Regardless of what your dental concerns may be, mouth rinses are recommended for all adults, in addition to children that are over the age of six. If you really don’t want to spend more time in the dental office, continue reading this blog for some helpful information on the top five best mouth rinses, so you can go out, and pick yourself up a good mouth rinse. We have found some of the best mouth rinses to use twice daily, along with your normal brushing and flossing routine.

Mouth rinses are a liquid that can be swished around in your mouth to improve the health of the teeth, gums, and tongue. Mouth rinses do more than just freshen up your breath; they can actually fight plaque and gingivitis, prevent cavities, tartar, and periodontal disease, soothe minor irritations, and even whiten your teeth. With continued use mouth rinses can even help fight oral cancer and leave you with a healthier mouth.

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  1. TheraBreath oral rinseif you are the type of person that finds mouth rinses to sting you tongue then this would be a perfect fit for your needs. This clinically proven oral rinse uses the oxygenating power of OXYD-8 to instantly fight bacteria that causes bad breath for 24 hours. This product neutralizes sulfur-producing bacteria to help freshen your breath, stop dry mouth, and prevent morning breath. TheraBreath doesn’t have any artificial colors, flavors, or alcohol, so it will leave you with fresh breath, without the stinging sensation. This product has also been certified for 20 years for being vegan, gluten-free, and kosher.Image result for listerine antiseptic mouth rinse
  2. Listerine antiseptic mouth rinseis the #1 dentist recommended brand and most widely used in the country. This triple action formula can kill germs; leave your mouth feeling cleaner and fresher. This affordable mouth rinse has been clinically proven to prevent and reduce your chances of plaque buildup, in addition to fighting gingivitis for up to 12 hours.

    Listerine uses a formula of four essential oils; eucalyptol, menthol, methyl salicylate, and thymol, these oils instantly kill millions of germs on contact. These ingredients work by killing the bad bacteria that causes bad breath instead of just covering up the bad breath. With continued use of this product it has been known to help prevent gum disease. The ADA has put its seal of acceptance on this particular product because of the oral health benefits, in addition to having over 100 years of usage.


  1. Biotene oral rinse for dry mouth – if you are experiencing dry mouth, you’ll want to try this product out. This soothing mouth rinse uses the LP3 salivary enzyme-protein system to help prevent tooth decay and oral disease, soothe minor irritation, fight bad breath, and refresh and moisturize your mouth throughout the whole day. This is an alcohol-free product, so it will freshen up your breath without that stinging sensation. This is a dentist and hygienist #1 product for dry mouth that offers immediate and long-lasting relief.Image result for ACT RESTORING MOUTH RINSE
  2. ACT restoring mouth rinsecan prevent tooth decay, strengthen enamel, re-mineralize soft spots, and freshens your breath. The anti-cavity fluoride mouth rinse can also help prevent cavities and soothe sore gums, so your mouth will feel cleaner every time you use this product. This product has been chosen as a #1 dentist recommended fluoride mouth rinse.Image result for SMARTMOUTH ALCOHOL-FREE MOUTH RINSE
  3. SmartMouth alcohol-Free mouth rinseis completely unique and comes with two bottles, which each contain a different active ingredient. Just before using this product you will mix the two formulas together, which will, maximize the release of the zinc ions. This dentist-developed mouth rinse promises up to 12 hours of fresh breath, so you count on it to fight both common and chronic bad breath all day. This product also states that if you gargle at bedtime that you will wake up with fresh breath. This dentist approved mouth rinse uses a patented Smart-zinc technology, which is safe for diabetics to use.

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