As most of us have heard from our parents, it is important to take care of your teeth, in addition to visiting your dental provider regularly.

More than 50 years ago now, very few individuals took good care of their teeth. There were no guidelines 50 years ago for how often people should visit their dental provider, and how to properly care for their teeth. Many dental providers focused more on fixing a dental problem 50 years ago rather than preventing the problem.

Dental and health organizations decided there was a need to set standards of preventative dental care. So over time these organizations found that on average if patients came in twice a year for routine dental cleanings, exams, and check-ups x-rays, that, their chances of developing dental issues was much less, than if patients didn’t visit the dentist on a regular basis. The twice a year was a recommendation made by the organizations, in addition to good oral hygiene at home.

Even if you do indeed take excellent care of your teeth and gums at home, it is still a great rule of thumb to visit your dental provider on a regular basis, to ensure that something doesn’t develop that you may not necessarily see or feel.

On average patient seeing a dental provider twice a year works well for many patients, some can get away with fewer visits, and then there are some patients that need to come in more frequently. Patients that come in more frequently may have a higher risk of dental disease may include but are not limited to: smokers, pregnant women, diabetics, people with gum disease, people with weakened immune response to bacterial infection, and people who tend to get cavities or buildup of plaque. If you are questioning whether you should come in more or less it is always good rule of thumb to consult your dental provider for all your dental questions and concerns.